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Astoria • $5,299,000
New Construction 8 Family
31-13 23rd Street

This eight-family building is five years old, and features excellent finishes with top-of-the-line appliances, laundry in the basement, and a huge backyard. The building also includes two huge terraces on the top floor apartments, a surveillance system, and storage spaces allocated for each apartment.

The building consists of the following:
Apt 1F - One-bedroom duplex and 1.5 Baths
Apt 1R - Two-bedroom duplex with 1.5 baths and a huge backyard
Apt 2F - Two-bedroom apartment
Apt 2R - Two-bedroom apartment
Apt 3F - Two-bedroom apartment with a Juliette-style balcony
Apt 3R - Two-bedroom apartment
Apt 4F - One-bedroom apartment with a huge terrace (31 x 10)
Apt 4R - One bedroom apartment with a huge terrace (31 x 10)
All the utilities are separate and paid by the tenants.

Gross Annual Income = $241,800
Total Yearly Expenses = $12,594
Net Yearly Operating Income = $229,206
Cap rate = 4.17%